Claudette Coutts Realtor®

Highly competent, experienced and approachable, the Coutts Team puts a priority on building a rapport with clients. Their expert marketing ensures everyone has a truly great experience, with the least amount of stress whether they have a Calgary home for sale or are looking to buy a home.

“I pay attention to detail,” Claudette says.

The Coutts Team has worked with some of Calgary’s top builders and has access to the latest trends in design and construction. They put their experience to use skillfully assessing the value of a home, therefore ensuring clients are completely comfortable and educated. “It’s our job to understand where our clients are coming from and what their level of experience and knowledge is. We work hard to protect their interests and provide them with all the information they need. Team Coutts uses a finely-tuned process to help clients reach their goals.

Every time we meet a client or list a property, we have the attitude that we are applying for a job,” says Claudette, who speaks both French and English.

The Coutts Team emphasizes providing clients with a tailored approach to marketing their specific property whether they have a Calgary home for sale or are interested in buying. They put in the effort it takes into professionally marketing a home and we deliver, taking care of everything from planning to contract negotiations. Claudette has a dedicated full service real estate team.

If you are looking for a trusted Realtor® team that meets all your needs, can negotiate on your behalf and is focused on ensuring you have a wonderful experience, give Claudette Coutts a call today or visit them online at